For the third time in a year, I’ve decided to completely remake my website from scratch! Ugh. It’s a long and frustrating process every time, but this time I’m actually happy with the outcome (yeah, right). I’ve tried several Content Management Systems, but I always fall back on WordPress. The build-a-website options are great if you have no experience whatsoever, but for anyone with the least bit of experience in webdesign, it’s constricting.

Thank you to everyone who made this portfolio a possibility. It’s a great feeling to scroll through the homepage of my website and see all the clients that have enabled me to afford the camera, lenses and web hosting, etc. to make this website and hobby/profession of mine a possbility.

Among the new features of this site is the ability to buy prints of some of my favorite landscapes, most from this region. Keep an eye out for a Christmas sale!  I also anticipate offering print orders directly through my website for clients.

Hey do me a favor, click around and tell me what you think and/or if you find any bugs, typos, whatever — there are bound to be some!