Last August, Emily and I adopted Red (see lots of photos of him on my Instagram feed), a 6-year-old German shepherd/rottweiler mix, from Friends of Phoebie Animal Rescue in Queensbury. It has been an amazing experience for me, having never owned a dog before. Red knew some basic training right out of the shelter, but he was wild on the leash. When Red would see a squirrel or even think that there was a possibility that he might see a squirrel, which is always, he would literally tow Emily and I around downtown. German shepherds and rottweilers are strong.

saint bernard

Thompson being all majestic.

It was sometime late summer/early fall that I saw a large group of dogs, their owners and Tom of America’s Canine Educator in City Park. I was amazed by how well-behaved the dogs in his class were, so Emily and I looked him up. The stories of success from his clients and their dogs prompted us to sign up for the Upstate Canine Academy. In just about three private lessons with Tom, Red made an incredible improvement. The amount of frustration that is now free from our walks downtown is hard to measure. It’s a wonderful thing to simply…walk with your dog. Not to mention the pain that is gone from my shoulder.


Tom Davis and his dog, Thompson, in Crandall Park, Glens Falls.

Tom takes great pride in his work and I can’t recommend him enough if you’re having difficulty with your dog or if you want to improve your relationship with your dog. Check out his Facebook for some of those success stories I mentioned. Give him a follow on Instagram, too. Warning: lots of puppies.

Speaking of which, he’s the owner of Thompson (saint bernard) and Kolby (husky). Photo credit: @Shawn3sean

I reached out to Tom last week about doing a shoot because…I mean, look at them. I love photographing dogs (stay tuned for a post on this) and I think most people love looking at dogs. We met up at Crandall Park in Glens Falls and got a bunch of great shots. If there’s any evidence to Tom’s training-ability, look at how wonderful Thompson is.






Assuming that you feel like you need a dog after viewing these photos, I want to give another shoutout to Friends of Phoebie Animal Rescue. Their Facebook is a great place to see many of the dogs and cats they have that need homes.

If you’re interested in having your best friend photographed, get in touch with me! Also, stay tuned for my post on how to properly photograph dogs!

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