Last weekend Roberta, her two sons, Logan and Tyler, and I met up outside of Spot Coffee in downtown Glens Falls for a family photo session. We’d tried to plan for a fall foliage shoot, but the scheduling was complicated by work and the leaves disappeared overnight. I proposed we got together for a walk around downtown utilizing the various urban backdrops to create some awesome photos.

I loved the way they turned out. The two-tone brick wall beside Achenbach’s was our first destination.


Next we swapped sidewalks and made use of a doorway. Sort of awkward, but I like it.



As cold as it was, I suggested we grabbed some hot chocolates and used them as props. Logan and Tyler were happy about the idea and posed for a shot inside Spot Coffee. Fortunately in Photoshop it’s easy enough to fix hot chocolate stains on shirts and pants.




D’aww. It’s even more adorable when you look back at our session from just one year ago.

Roberta Ribbons-1

Thanks again for another great session, Roberta, Logan & Tyler!