For the past seven years, Adirondack Pub & Brewery has hosted an annual Festival of Barrels. The Festival of Barrels is similar in fashion to many beer festivals, with three exceptions — it’s outdoors in March in Upstate New York, all of the beers (for the most part) are barrel-aged, and there’s an ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC FIRE to keep you warm. If you’re a lover of imperial stouts, barleywines, porters and dark ales in general, this festival is a must-visit.

Each winter the festival, which originated in the parking lot of the restaurant and now encompasses a field nearby, presents beer-lovers and campfire-lovers with a unique, Adirondack experience. As the festival grew, the fire grew, which now requires attendance from the local fire department as a safety measure. The good news is, despite slightly-below-freezing temperatures, you won’t find yourself too chilly — that’s in part due to the ~3-story flames which radiate heat nearly 100ft in every direction and in part due to the average alcohol by volume you’ll find in most barrel aged beverages.

Not pictured is the Kegs & Eggs brunch offered beforehand in the brewery’s Barrel Room (free with a VIP ticket), giving event-goers the opportunity to fill their bellies before embarking on their high-abv sampling mission. Check out some of my favorite photos from the event below and view the full gallery here!

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Jason Checkla