This past summer I was contacted by Maggie Fromm about shooting some photos for her blog, Honestly Maggie. Maggie and I met back in college and have remained friends since, often helping each other out with our creative ventures. I was super excited when she reached out to me with the idea of working together because this was something new to me — fashion photography. Not only that, but fashion photography for a friend, which is way less intimidating to me than trying something new for a client.

Maggie was looking for some photos to feature around her newly-designed blog and some content for a fashion-based post she could…blog about. We met up in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs and got to work. Here are some of my favorite shots:




Check out the super awesome post about my photography business on Honestly Maggie! It was really cool to be featured on her blog. There are a thousand reasons you should check it out (namely if you’re into fashion, home decor or do-it-yourself projects), but mostly because she’s honestly a really great person and her writing has a personal touch to it that will keep you coming back to Honestly Maggie on a regular basis.